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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Is typically a home inspection that is thought of as a service performed shortly before one buys a home. This is the most common time in which a home inspection is likely to be requested. This step in the buying process is very important in making sure that you get what you pay for, with regard to your new home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Have a home inspection completed prior to listing your home to ensure any potential issues are addressed upfront, and gain the confidence of potential buyers with full disclosure of your home's condition.

Home owners / Maintenance Inspection

Early problem detection is crucial in reducing home ownership costs and increasing property value. By identifying important repairs or minor maintenance items that may be required to prevent little issues from becoming major problems.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

A Thermal Imaging Scan can reveal defects that are unseen by the human eye. The can help to locate trouble areas before they present visually.

Air Quality Inspection

Mold, Asbestos, etc.

Types of Home Inspections Offered

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